domingo, 19 de junho de 2016



Today I post my last long pose of my first year in Barcelona Art Academy. It's been a long and very tiring year, but really worth it! I've learned so much in terms of values, some technique and process, that I can't wait to apply them in the digital illustrations :D can't wait also to come back in October. I enrolled in the school to learn their process of painting and I assume it's been a struggle to adapt to their (drawing) process. It's tough when you have preconceived  and self taught knowledge and then suddenly  someone tells you to totally forget your approach and trust them..mainly using sigh-size haha! But I decided to keep on with it and see if it pays off. I really hope so, it is a big investment. It's not an accredited school so no help for the tuitions, but again, if I see the results in these 2 year program study, I will be really grateful I took the risk!
The teachers are amazing, the school is good, the models are super nice...and Barcelona IS PERFECT <3 I'm really in love with this city, can't believe I am leaving for 3 months.... I will miss this so much haha!
Actually, next week I'm taking 6 days off to go camping and for the first time in 9months really visit the city and its surroundings - so it means no posts until the 26th ! But don't give up on me just yet, I'll be back full of energy and sketches from those visits :D

So for now here it is my last long pose exercise, made in sigh-size, charcoal over Arches paper. I had a pretty dark pose (2nd last to pick the easel lol), but I also over-modelled a bit and destroyed the of course still not happy with it. Anyhow, amazing exercise :D

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