sábado, 4 de fevereiro de 2017

A Árvore Adormecida

llustration based In a gorgeous little text in portuguese by my friend Brígida Paiva . First attempt and i know that i barelly touched the subject, and i could have gone much farther than this. Anyway, for now it will do, it was a fun exercise, i shall push farther next time.
Here is the text for my portuguese speaking friends, enjoy: 
" A Árvore Adormecida
Após ter perdido o filho num parto sangrento, a raínha Sköl atravessou a floresta a fim de encontrar uma cura para a sua doença. Não dizia respeito ao filho perdido mas a um buraco imenso no lugar do seu coração, por onde passava o ar, a chuva e que se tornava difícil de esconder. A raínha suspeitava que não iria sobreviver muito tempo sem um batimento constante. Adormeceu numa clareira, em pé. O seu corpo tornou-se sólido, os seus cabelos tornaram-se galhos; as baínhas rasgadas do vestido raízes. No buraco onde antes estivera o seu coração, as andorinhas faziam ninhos. O seu sono era profundo, não acordou nem com o seu piar. "

domingo, 1 de janeiro de 2017

sketchbook :) This year I am starting that 1 drawing per day thingy. None of this counts as todays one :D so hopefully I will post everyday this year, even if I am working like a crazy person in school and outside....wish me luck and have an amazing year ppl!!! 

school wrkkkk
happy new year :D

terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

So today the post will be a huge mess xD because I haven't been able to upload as i do the work, i'll just have to post everything here at once otherwise i won't be able to put anything xD 

This is a still life I've been doing for my mother..It will be one of her christmas gifts :) oil on linnen

This is a homework...also a still life but done in digital
And above, is the result of an awesome class we had last week in the school. Instead of arriving to the room and having models posing, we had this amazing horse :D she was an amazing model and was a real joy to study

And here of course my typical sketches from outside in barcelona...In a few days Im going back home to Luxembourg, and it will be too cold to sketch outside so I have to do as much as I can right now hahaha

terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2016

segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2016

and my struggle was recorded so you can see it hahaha here it goes.... and another little study from the city :D

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

Sunday is the (best) day of the week that i disappear from the world, and walk all over barcelona by myself, only stopping when i find something beautiful and can't avoid to draw it. In the beginning it was the 'non drawing day' for burnout purposes, but i guess i cant help it. Discovered so many beautiful places around my house today using my flatmate as a guide haha. This city is insane :D

sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2016

quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

some works from academy timr aaaaand a storyboard/animatic made for that ame personal project i keep talking about xd