quinta-feira, 30 de junho de 2016


Today I've been finally working properly :) but I want to be able to really put together this illustration until Sunday, and from there start my study schedule. This is also part of that Hansel & Gretel project ( https://www.behance.net/gallery/37926051/Visual-Development-Tryout-2_-Hansel-Gretel )
So today I'll just put here the sketch I am developing. 3 days to work on composition, prespective values and render this baby, wish me luck!

quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2016


Today sice I've been busy unpacking and seeing my family again I didn't do anything! I did start a new small project because of a influence I got a few months ago, but for now I won't say anything about it :p
Anyway I leave here some sketch from the Hansel and Gretel project, mostly drawings from my sketchbook, hope you like it!


segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2016


Heeeeey I am back :D Ahh camping was amazing, really needed to go away from the reality for a while, and now I'm as refreshed as possible to start really focusing on my works ^-^
As promised, here are some sketches I did from places I stopped. I went hiking around Costa Brava (Catalunya) mainly on camp sites and beaches, and it was waaay to hot. and took a lot of reference pictures <3 tomorrow I'm going back home to Luxembourg, and start taking some online classes and work on portfolio. so 2 days to start my big summer plan :D  Still have to write down the schedule here, probably i'll post it tomorrow :p

Have a great week people! 

domingo, 19 de junho de 2016



Today I post my last long pose of my first year in Barcelona Art Academy. It's been a long and very tiring year, but really worth it! I've learned so much in terms of values, some technique and process, that I can't wait to apply them in the digital illustrations :D can't wait also to come back in October. I enrolled in the school to learn their process of painting and I assume it's been a struggle to adapt to their (drawing) process. It's tough when you have preconceived  and self taught knowledge and then suddenly  someone tells you to totally forget your approach and trust them..mainly using sigh-size haha! But I decided to keep on with it and see if it pays off. I really hope so, it is a big investment. It's not an accredited school so no help for the tuitions, but again, if I see the results in these 2 year program study, I will be really grateful I took the risk!
The teachers are amazing, the school is good, the models are super nice...and Barcelona IS PERFECT <3 I'm really in love with this city, can't believe I am leaving for 3 months.... I will miss this so much haha!
Actually, next week I'm taking 6 days off to go camping and for the first time in 9months really visit the city and its surroundings - so it means no posts until the 26th ! But don't give up on me just yet, I'll be back full of energy and sketches from those visits :D

So for now here it is my last long pose exercise, made in sigh-size, charcoal over Arches paper. I had a pretty dark pose (2nd last to pick the easel lol), but I also over-modelled a bit and destroyed the portrait...so of course still not happy with it. Anyhow, amazing exercise :D

sábado, 18 de junho de 2016

17 + 18.2

Yesterday i couldn't post anything because I barely spent any time home.... it was my final critic day in the academy, where I spent all morning trying to deliver a kind of acceptable finished cast, and after all the evaluations i went to some extra class with a friend at night....So got home way to late to post anything here :D So to make up for it, I'll post here pictures that would be worth 2 posts deal?

These first images are some I picked from the sketching last night. It is interesting to finally be free and do whatever you want to do, after spending a year drawing under such strict rules. Felt free, confused and lost at the same time. Super fun xD

AND of course I will post the final result of the Academic works, even though I really can't look at them anymore, at least for a whole trimester hahaha but there you go.... Today's picture: Almighty Pavel - Nitram and compressed charcoal over Arches paper... I have no idea about the size ^-^ (cheat: check the pen on the first picture for a sense of scale! )

This first one was the cast (the so called Pavel, remember? haha ). I started it thinking 'oh boy, I will take a picture of it at each stage so I have the hole making of, that is super cool to see etc etc'..and well as you can see i did not get trhough with it....why? because Pavel made my life hard haha and i really thought I would not finish it in time so I gave up the photo process...so now this looks like the know process of 'how to draw an owl.. step 1: make a circle; step 2: add details' and I'm sorry about that HAHAH :( I promise that next term I will take photos everyday for the next cast ok? <3

quinta-feira, 16 de junho de 2016


Today I share some pictures from my sketchbook. I'm quite in a rush because I need  to organise my works for the evaluation of the school I have tomorrow, and I am a mess right now haha :D
Anyway, I should post more stuff from my sketchbook, it's always hidden in my bag ready to be used, but i don't usually show it to ppl....So there you have it!
This was for a project of vis dev I was developing - The fairies - more here www.behance.net/pouet

quarta-feira, 15 de junho de 2016


Exactly a month ago I finished this illustration. I was developing it at the same time I was taking an extra class with the teacher Dorian Itten ( http://www.dorian-iten.com ) and he gave me awesome advice for its last step. So I thought it would be nice, one month after, to post the steps :)
I also decided to post the steps because I stumbled upon this amazing picture of Arslan Shyriiev ( link ) and it inspired me sooooo much that I decided to do the same. Because it may inspire someone out there...we never know :D 
( click to see bigger ;) )

full project here: www.behance.net/pouet

terça-feira, 14 de junho de 2016


Today I'm posting some dynamic drawings/expression drawings :) waiting for all of them to get back from the final critique so i can post better pictures and drawings, but for now that is all that I have :D
At the end of this week I will be officially on vacations for 3 months almost, and that means work like a crazy person in my portfolio and online classes :D When I write my schedule for this plan I'll make sure I share it here also!

segunda-feira, 13 de junho de 2016


Another unfinished long pose exercise from the academy....charcoal over arches paper. Today I'm really tired so I'll just put this here and disappear haha

domingo, 12 de junho de 2016


These are some bad results that come from color and value studies done in shows under the name of the school I go to - Barcelona Art Academy

One of them was a VFX and Animation conference, and the other was during museu night both here in Barcelona. This was super fun, its very challenging to try to replicate the colors and effect of light in them, mainly when having people talking and passing around and looking at your work in progress hahaha different kind of experience....

sábado, 11 de junho de 2016


So I did finish this small illustration for a scenario in the story of Hansel and Gretel so I am reposting the final images. Still not happy because of some ideas that i have and wasn't able to pull them off. Anyway welcome to my sickening sugary creation. I really need to get some help about colors mood and values, but knowing that i'm sure that if I keep doing these kind of works i'll get there eventually.

more about it here : www.behance.net/pouet

Have a great weekend!

Ps. Just found this picture on my facebook feed, and think it is super interesting! Sharing is caring <3

sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2016


I just realised how good it is to be able to put a date for the post name - if I miss a day I will notice :p
So today I have to deliver some drawings to a Dinamic Drawing class, and i don't really know what to pick...anyway I'll leave here a picture of it xD ( i will post pictures of them individually throughout  the days - i'll use them when I don't have anything new to show :D

And this one below is a picture from the studio space I have in the academy (very bad photos i'm sorry!) ....btw this cast is slowly killing me. Usually I LOVE drawing casts (its in charcoal over  white Arches paper), but right know my brain is a huge labyrinth of knots, values and shapes....really need to organise my thoughts for the next steps to come...
Also, lots of change in my life in these past months, so i feel like all the stress is passing to it :( btw the cast name was Vladimir and now it changed to Pavel. Pavel and I have a love hate relationship..

And another illustration I'm working for that personal project ( more infos here: www.behance.net/pouet).
 Just bought the book 'Framed Ink' from sir Marcos-Mateu, and it's painful to see how wrong this composition is....anyway i'll finish it because I like the color palette I'm using :3

quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2016


I wanted to take a picture of the long pose still, so I could show the next step to it....but the day in the academy was very tiring, and o forgot :o sorry ! So I'll post instead what I did today on the illustration for my personal project..it's still a WIP but hopefully I'll ended up by tomorrow :D don't be to mean, it still doesn't have the reflected colors, lights etc... can't wait to put those when I finish the big cake on the left...

Aaaaand some random drawings from expressive drawing, why not?

quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2016


Aaaand 3 days work on that same long pose come to this...

 and to change a bit of too much traditional, here's a little warm up for a personal projct i'm working on ^-^ check out more here if you are interested: www.behance.net/pouet

Have an amazing niiight!

terça-feira, 7 de junho de 2016


Today only traditional stuff! 

Sneak peak into the drawing of a long pose I'm working at school

Some expression drawing sketch

a sketch for a personal project that i developed a few months ago!

domingo, 5 de junho de 2016

sorry :o

Oh wow I'm ashamed...it's been a while since i did anything in the blog... I'm sorry
Usually I post only on facebook, and not much stuff, but I realised I really have to start being more efficient with social networks...so from today i'll try to post 1 pic a day, since (apparently) 2014 I have done SO MUCH STUFF that I have no excuse to not be able to do it....and to help it even more I'll create an instagram account , so every time I post there, I will post here too.... deal?

A small quick explanation from what I did since 2014 : finished working in the company ZPX, went to Luxembourg to work in an IT comºany and help them develop a game for 9 months, and then decided to go to school again to rework fundamentals - Barcelona Art Academy, in Barcelona. Since then I work everyday in sight-size method with pencil and charcoal, and go home and create personal projects in digital. I'm also attending expression drawing class which I fell in love with... so to celebrate all this I will post several images now :D

Thank you guys and have a great day!