sábado, 18 de junho de 2016

17 + 18.2

Yesterday i couldn't post anything because I barely spent any time home.... it was my final critic day in the academy, where I spent all morning trying to deliver a kind of acceptable finished cast, and after all the evaluations i went to some extra class with a friend at night....So got home way to late to post anything here :D So to make up for it, I'll post here pictures that would be worth 2 posts deal?

These first images are some I picked from the sketching last night. It is interesting to finally be free and do whatever you want to do, after spending a year drawing under such strict rules. Felt free, confused and lost at the same time. Super fun xD

AND of course I will post the final result of the Academic works, even though I really can't look at them anymore, at least for a whole trimester hahaha but there you go.... Today's picture: Almighty Pavel - Nitram and compressed charcoal over Arches paper... I have no idea about the size ^-^ (cheat: check the pen on the first picture for a sense of scale! )

This first one was the cast (the so called Pavel, remember? haha ). I started it thinking 'oh boy, I will take a picture of it at each stage so I have the hole making of, that is super cool to see etc etc'..and well as you can see i did not get trhough with it....why? because Pavel made my life hard haha and i really thought I would not finish it in time so I gave up the photo process...so now this looks like the know process of 'how to draw an owl.. step 1: make a circle; step 2: add details' and I'm sorry about that HAHAH :( I promise that next term I will take photos everyday for the next cast ok? <3

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