sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2016


I just realised how good it is to be able to put a date for the post name - if I miss a day I will notice :p
So today I have to deliver some drawings to a Dinamic Drawing class, and i don't really know what to pick...anyway I'll leave here a picture of it xD ( i will post pictures of them individually throughout  the days - i'll use them when I don't have anything new to show :D

And this one below is a picture from the studio space I have in the academy (very bad photos i'm sorry!) ....btw this cast is slowly killing me. Usually I LOVE drawing casts (its in charcoal over  white Arches paper), but right know my brain is a huge labyrinth of knots, values and shapes....really need to organise my thoughts for the next steps to come...
Also, lots of change in my life in these past months, so i feel like all the stress is passing to it :( btw the cast name was Vladimir and now it changed to Pavel. Pavel and I have a love hate relationship..

And another illustration I'm working for that personal project ( more infos here:
 Just bought the book 'Framed Ink' from sir Marcos-Mateu, and it's painful to see how wrong this composition is....anyway i'll finish it because I like the color palette I'm using :3

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