domingo, 22 de setembro de 2013

THU festival

Just arrived some hours ago from the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival ( and I must say I feel like the luckiest girl on earth. I don't usually write much in here, I like to keep my opinions to myself and want this to be about my work...but holy crap that thing was the most amazing thing I've ever been in...!
Even though it was a first time for this festival and supposing that everything could go wrong, I really think it was by far the most incredible experience I've ever had : the planning of the speeches (12h per day!), the happy hour, the setting, the speakers, and this mind blowing connection between artists, ended up creating this mood of networking/freedom and balance.. It was just perfect. 
I must say I am really really really sad that it ended up so quickly ...  And unfortunatly for me, I am kind of a shy person and I know I could have experienced much more that what I felt in there... Anyway, what I just want to say with all this, is that if in the next year this comes by again, I'll be the first to purchase the ticket, even without knowing wich speakers are coming......

THANK YOU Afonso Salcedo, Marc Simonetti, In-Ah Roediger, Kemp Remillard, Justin Fields, Martin L’Heureux, Raphael Lacoste, Ziah Fogel, Vitor Hugo, Serge Birault, Scott Ross, Pedro Conti, Maciej Jackiewicz, Loic Zimmerman, José Alves Da Silva, Jana Schirmer, Holly Lloyd, Andrew Schmidt, Alexis Wajsbrot,  Alex Oliver, Ade Esan, Aaron Mcbride, and last but not least (at all!) the awsome Geoffrey Ernault..
And for Tiago Hoisel and Danny LuVisi... shit you guys gave me goosebumps, please keep on the AMAZING work, you really made an impact on my life..
Thank you for this amazing festival, it was totally worth it! Thanks above all to André Lourenço, and Nuno Rivotti, the masterminds of the hole process!

(sorry for my english, I don't really feel like correcting this right now xD !)
(-photo by Trojan Horse was a Unicorn)

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