sexta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2013

doing too much stuff

For some time now, I've been asked way too many times what I've been doing lately, what projects am i working now etc etc... and so I decided to explain here, because above all, I can't post everyday new stuff and this will help understand why.

First of all I'm still at college - but don't get me wrong, I have my bachelor in Fine Arts, Art Multimedia course, but I'm doing extra classes because I think it can help me understand and learn other things. I'm doing it for 'fun' let's say it like that.

Second, I'm working on a game, doing all kinds of stuff - UI, characters, environments etc. And I haven't post anything about it, I'll only do that when a demo comes out! sorry :)
Third, doing some comic stuff for fun - I had this idea that came out of nowhere, and I had to develop it (picture). But the same.. I've showed the first page some time ago, but I'll keep it secret until I'm finnish with it, and then decide what to do! (must say that what's on the picture is like 1/6 of the all story...still a LOT to do)
And finnally, just doing the most work I can in the spare time, to get my portfolio in shape - doing some still life digital painting, illustratios etc etc! 

I'm supposed to write all this in french right now, but I'm feeling kind of lazy... the blog started in french, I'm really lost in all this international thing. Next time I'll write in portuguese just to get everybody even more confused :3

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