terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2016

So today the post will be a huge mess xD because I haven't been able to upload as i do the work, i'll just have to post everything here at once otherwise i won't be able to put anything xD 

This is a still life I've been doing for my mother..It will be one of her christmas gifts :) oil on linnen

This is a homework...also a still life but done in digital
And above, is the result of an awesome class we had last week in the school. Instead of arriving to the room and having models posing, we had this amazing horse :D she was an amazing model and was a real joy to study

And here of course my typical sketches from outside in barcelona...In a few days Im going back home to Luxembourg, and it will be too cold to sketch outside so I have to do as much as I can right now hahaha

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