quarta-feira, 19 de outubro de 2016


Yesterday i had the strangest day. I have no ideia where to go from where i am, because i feel like im being pulled in every possible direction. I just wanted to say that i am greateful for everybody that is helping me to find my path, either by inspiration, motivation or teachings.... i treasure every little advice i get. But again, yesterday had the best surprise i could imagine, honestly it made me tear up. 
Was stressing out between school, personal work and other stuff including house searching and personal balance, and suddenly i get the most unexpected message. You know, those kind of messages that just shake you up. A message i should have received almost one month ago but weirdly it got to me in the same day i was questioning everything. It was a super simple message from an amazing artist i met in thu, someone that is in my top 5 inspiring and role model artists and that i had the chance to stalk over the 7 days in Troia, watch her paint, receive advices.... a very basic message with two lines and 2 pictures, but that had the impact of a bomb. And it ment the world to me..... There are no words to describe this.
In that afternoon in thu, a bunch of us went to the beach to draw and paint, and she, as sweet and patient as she is, let me sit by her side once again and watch her paint. Without me knowing it, she took a picture of me drawing, and painted it, and sent it to me a few days later......
I am so grateful, i have no words to describe whats going in my head right now. This world is beautifully insane and random, crazy and confusing. And people like her, miss Shelly Wan, deserve every best thing in it. She's a true inspiration, in art and personality. we should surrounding ourselves with amazing people like that, and BE like that. make sure you follow her amazing work, and give her loads of love, because this, what i got the chance to experience, is the true meaning of sharing, inspiration, compassion, spreading knowledge and love for the craft <3 <3 thank you Shelly Wan

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