domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014


Hi there :D my poor lost blog....Well I'm waiting for the Hearthstone download to end so I thought it would be nice to come by and say Hi :)

A lot has changed since I wrote here: I'm back in Luxembourg, and I'm working in a company doing more App's illustrations, while I work freelance.... And on weekends doing some homework.... I have to say that this Sam Nielson's course in Schoolism is just AWSESOME. I heard a lot about it, from some of my favorite artists ( NewMilky and JessiBeans, check them out on deviantart ;D ) and it's really worth it..... here's my 4th homework :D I'm kind of late on my course, but with my life right now, it's just impossible to do more :(
Also I discovered this Level UP! group on facebook...just soooo inspiring, dudes we really can learn a lot online....! Make sure you check them out!

Well I guess the game is ready :) I'll leave you now... let's keep learning and sharing <3

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